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Y6n6s China Clinics Electric Sick Bed For The Elderly

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* Professional service
* Good quality with competitive price

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 Y6n6s China Clinics Electric Sick Bed For The Elderly


Important Quality Control

* CE, ISO FDA certify
* American motor, with UL/ROHS/EN approval. Noise under 50dB, with lifetime 20,000times movement.
* Motor protection:
* The elevators are equipped with electric protection against overload, therefore the bed will automatically stop when an elevator is overloaded.
* Once the overload is removed, the bed can continue to work without interference.
* Three sections collapsible side rails, with safe lock to prevent patients from accidentally lowering the guardrail.
* Clear and easy to use controllers which is at the patient’s disposal
* One button nursing operating position: 800mm, helping the nurse to give fast treatment in a very comfortable height
* The lowest position indicator design allows the medical staff to observe the bed safe position during night or long distance; green light indicate lowest bed height
* Backrest adjustment
* Thighrest adjustment
* Auto-contour
* Height adjustment
* Bed extension
* X-Ray translucent bed surface
* Handheld controller for patients and nurses, ergonomic design. Built-in LED torch, backlit keyboard design for night use
* Satellite control panel for nurse: flexible spiral cable for easy mobility and operation in optimal position. The nurse can control all standard functions. This panel is an optional accessory.
* Phenolic compact laminate head foot board
* Horizontal corner bumpers at the outermost periphery of the bed to protect the bed and wall
* extended bed platform up to 20CM, comfortable for the tallest of patients (option)
* Stamping ONE -TIME forming platform, welded by robot to ensure smooth surface no welding scar, bearing 250KG load. 
* Castors with TPR tire, no worn-out after running 30KM, united forming without bolts
* Pass Dynamic test: Bearing 120kg run 30KM and pass obstacles 500time
* Plastic drainage hook, movable
* Full SS IV pole, bearing 5kg
* Ergoframe® against pressure ulcers
* Easy mobilisation
* Available with
* a number of controls
* Easy clean concept
* Safety features such as the 
* Extender or Protector
* Low TCO – total cost of ownership
* Universal bed for a low price
* Overload protection
* Baosteel® from Fortune Global 500 company
* Environmental plastic can be sterilized in 100°C,tensile upto 30MPa
* 11 Process epoxy painting, ASTM testing anti-baterial, paint thickness 0.12mm, brightness 60°, paint can resist 50kg impact
* Panasonic Robotic ensure
* 360° full smooth wedlding



Bed dimentions L2130*W980*H350-800mm
Bed platform L1925*W900mm
Back rest 75°±10°
Leg rest 35°±10°
Packing size 2120*1080*450mm
Mattress size L1925*880*10mm
Bumper wheel 4xΦ80mm




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